A Scoop of Self-Help for the Teens

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Dear Teenagers,
We hope you are having the greatest of all times. Eager to invite you into your world of exploration and excitement through this Course, with some candid talks, in-depth whys and wherefores of various matters of your age, of some cool illustrations, relatable stories, and very practical solutions. We know your heart and we are here to talk to you in your voice, for you and as you, and be assured, far and away as being separate from you.

The world is your oyster. You light it up by being an honest and unimpaired expression of all that it has got to offer. In you, we see alive, the sharpness of intellectual acumen, the genuinity of logical quest, the vigour of physical prowess, and the tenderness behind emotional upswings, all leading to a very secret and silent zone of spiritual awakening, consciously or unconsciously.

Yours is the undiminishable possibility of endless opportunities that seek you through various life’s circumstances, and coerces you towards being the true you, knowing your purpose of life and living up to it. You are real, authentic and transparent and the world owes its understanding to you. We, as your trusted buddy are here to walk shoulder to shoulder with you, in your journey of teenage hood by offering scoops of self-help that are sure to strike a chord with you.

How to Proceed

We recommend that you maintain a journal in which you can record your learnings for later reflection and contemplation.

At the end of each online chapter, you will find five multiple choice questions for you to answer. Only if you answer all the five questions correctly will you be allowed to proceed to the next chapter.

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